LIDAR Technology Company (LIDAR-Tech) was established in September 2010. The predecessor of LIDAR-Tech was the airborne Lidar team in the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI, a national lab in Taiwan). LIDAR-Tech is focusing on combining spatial information technologies, earth observation technologies and all these results to innovate new business models.

Earth Observations

With satellite and aviation telemetry observation technology, spatial information processing technology and data management technology or other methods, we conduct Observation of land and environmental resources on Earth, mapping, investigation, monitoring, etc., to provide disaster prevention, energy exploration,and climate development. The main point of the LIDAR Tech in the spatial information acquisition, processing, analysis and application technical skills includes: satellite imagery, aerial imagery, no load light, vehicle mapping information, ground measurement data and other spatial data efficient access, high Precision production Data analysis and application development.


We integrate the spatial information and the theme of the hardware and software development application tools to provide suitable strategies.
The technical focus of LIDAR Tech. Co., Ltd. is to develope the professional space information application system, involving in the government and civil space information construction as well as national space database design.

Location-based Services(LBS)

Integrated GPS positioning, GIS integrated information systems, mobile communications and navigation and other technologies to provide a personalized service, including emergency relief, corporate field staff control, and personal life level applications such as community, entertainment, catering, shopping and other commercial applications.





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Method of Geospstia1-Related Waveform Analysis

The impact of the full energy is different from the full energy of different terry data and the record energy of different objects. The company developed its own full-wave point cloud extraction technology, which can accurate and gain grasp the landform, and can produce accurate DEM data through the point cloud classification.


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Technology For Lidar Analysis

The broad definition of LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) refers to the technique of measuring the target with laser light, and what is now known as the use of laser light to carry out high-density scanning of the target. The three-dimensional topography of the target technology can now be divided into three categories: Airborne LiDAR, Bathymetric LiDAR and Terrestrial LiDAR, the fastest growing Is the aircraft to be as a carrier for the surface of the no-load technology.


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Satellite Image Processing

LIDAR Tech. continue to board its application. For the various stages of satellite image processing, including image orthorectification, image feature extraction, image fusion, three-dimensional numerical terrain model establishment and image flight simulation, can all be controlled effectively and efficiently achieve goals.


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Aerial Photography

Aerial photogrammetry is an area of research and application of aerial photo mapping. Its main purpose is to extract surface information and geometrical structure from aerial photography. With the popularity of telemetry technology and the development of geographic information systems, it is possible for the general public to query the geographical location through images.


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Infrared Thermographer Imaging

The company has introduced no-load thermal infrared scanner in 2014, the first leader for Taiwan to provide a wide range of surface temperature aerial testing services. Spatial resolution is up to 0.05 ℃, which can be applied to volcanoes, geothermal, hot springs, urban heat island, temperature drainage, forest carbon storage, green energy industry, emergency rescue, biodiversity, plant distribution and other areas.


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earthbook is a 4D geospatial information platform that can display and share service allowing users to publish and share topics such as satellite imagery, aerial imagery, electronic maps. even all kinds of disaster potential maps, and other disaster prevention-related spatial information can be showed on it. With the interactive way to freely move, zoom, you can also use the timeline function to understand the different periods of change, and the presentation of dynamic information. earthbook is more combined with the latest technology development, you can join the UAV flight disaster area of the image, you can also use the phone to upload the scene of the disaster area photos, and even VR equipment can be experienced.

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