Land Use Change Analysis

Land Information

In order to master the accurate land and information, we collect the spatial information of the important island reefs , map the basic map capital, and study the important island reef on the natural as well as man-made changes to be the sea area analysis and policy formulation reference.

Analysis of Land Use Change

Due to the influence of the shooting time as well as tides and waves, the treatment of the coastline is difficult to determine its location in the original multi-spectral image and the reef boundary. Therefore, we use the normalized differential indicators and principal component analysis of two kinds of image processing methods to judge the auxiliary interpretation of the coastline and reef boundary.
We Company interpret the coastline and reef boundary, not fixed using a single image processing methods to assist, but in accordance with the situation of individual images to choose the appropriate image processing. We has completed more than ten of the satellite image processing, and more than 100 islands reef of the interpretation of the work,including GeoEye-1, IKonos-2, WorldView-1, WorldView-2, QuickBird-2 and so on.

Distribution of land use in 1995

Distribution of land use in 2007