2017/06/17LIDAR Tech. was invited to introduce earthbook to the unmanned aerial vehicle industry association.
2017/05/20LIDAR Tech. went to job fair for Recruiting
2017/05/13Participate in VReducation X VRevolution: VR education festival X VR industry tide
2017/05/05LIDAR Tech. was interviewed by Mín shì yìyán táng
2016/12/30We have been subsidized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to develop UAV thermal infrared telemetry technology for geothermal exploration
2016/12/02LIDAR Tech. won the masterpiece of the 105 annual disaster prevention and technology application technology with the 4D disaster prevention information platform
2015/12/10Share the project results with Ministry of Economic Affairs industry energy technology.
2014/11/24LIDAR Tech. -2014 no-load thermal infrared image technology promotion, will be held on November 24, 2014 in Si Tai Tai Hall!!
2014/09/12LIDAR Tech. -2014 no-load thermal infrared image application has been completed in 2014/9/12 (Fri)
2013/10/07LIDAR Tech. has signed with Rapidlasso GmbH as the first agent in LAStools worldwide
2013/05/172013 Taiwan Earth Science Joint Seminar
2013/04/18(MMT 2013) The International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology 2013
2013/04/18ICEO-SI 2013 International Conference on Earth Observations and Societal Impacts
2013/03/182013 Multifunctional Light Data Processing Software LAStools Workshop
2011/02/28The showcase of surveying the Results of Numerical Topographic Model Work in Dongsha Area
2010/11/07LIDAR Tech. participated in ACRS2010 Asian telemetry conference
2010/10/14The 31st ACRS