4D Platform

earthbook is a 4D geospatial information platform that can display and share service allowing users to publish and share topics such as satellite imagery, aerial imagery, electronic maps. even all kinds of disaster potential maps, and other disaster prevention-related spatial information can be showed on it. With the interactive way to freely move, zoom, you can also use the timeline function to understand the different periods of change, and the presentation of dynamic information. earthbook is more combined with the latest technology development, you can join the UAV flight disaster area of the image, you can also use the phone to upload the scene of the disaster area photos, and even VR equipment can be experienced.


3D Model





What's more, without the need to install any software or plug- Directly in a variety of different devices (such as: desktop computers, notebook computers, tablet PCs, mobile phones, etc.) ,everyone can easily get started.
earthbook is deployed in the cloud room to provide services through the Internet, and built the global basic space database, including: numerical terrain, satellite imagery and electronic maps, so the world can be directly used to log in, regardless of any person, any place, or any device can all be released and shared with Disaster Prevention Information. It is now available in Chinese and English, and will be gradually added in other languages.

earthbook service architecture

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