Method of Geospstia1-Related Waveform Analysis

Traditional LiDAR and Full Wave Technology

Traditional LiDAR combines the three-dimensional coordinates of GPS dynamic difference solution with IMU parameters, and then interpolates it into the aircraft's instantaneous path coordinates and attitude parameters. And then the high-density instantaneous coordinates and attitude knot parameters with the laser ranging data, including the three-dimensional coordinates of the light point of the cloud, and the highest data can only record the strong enough of the four echo signals. However, if the full-wave LiDAR system is used, the complete echo information can be recorded. Compared with the traditional LiDAR system, more 3D information can be obtained.
The impact of the full energy is different from the full energy of different terry data and the record energy of different objects. The company developed its own full-wave point cloud extraction technology, which can accurate and gain grasp the landform, and can produce accurate DEM data through the point cloud classification.


Full technology and traditional Lidar technology comparison results are as follows

(Under the forest road):through the full wave of information extraction technology, which can improve the forest under the interpretation of the road.

(Ridge line):through the full waveform can be a complete extraction of ridge features, which are suitable for forest image interpretation.

(The interpretation of the collapse):through the full waveform can explain the scope of the collapse of the settlement, which are suitable for the interpretation of the mountain collapse.