Aerial Photography

Introduction to Aerial Photogrammetry

Aerial photogrammetry is an area of research and application of aerial photo mapping. Its main purpose is to extract surface information and geometrical structure from aerial photography. With the popularity of telemetry technology and the development of geographic information systems, it is possible for the general public to query the geographical location through images.

LiDAR aerial imagery

LiDAR aerial image is one of the current air shooting methods. It main goal is to support the no-load LiDAR telemetry-based, high overlap rate, high resolution and that can be a large number of shooting. You can automatically ortho digital images, to achieve fast and accurate Construction and renewal, with LiDAR measuring instruments to calculate the photo outside the azimuth parameter (EO).

Historical aerial imagery

Historical aerial images retain the terrain, geomorphology and other information. By early years of aerial photographs and related parameters, you can build the numerical terrain model and orthophoto images. And with the multi-temporal topography analysis. You can see the terrain changes, the coastline changes, area measurement, even urban cultural development and other applications of reference.